Ezee 2-in-1

Liquid Detergent + 

Fabric Conditioner

Deep clean your regular clothes and leave them feeling fresh all day long.

Deep Clean Technology

Your regular clothes deserve a cleansing detergent that also cares.


Advanced Cleansing Formula

Suitable for all fabric types, the advanced detergent formula cleanses thoroughly.

Long-lasting Fragrance

The encapsulated fragrance molecules make sure your clothes stay fresh all day long. 

Bucket & Machine Wash

Made with your convenience in mind. Be it machine wash or a quick bucket wash.

Available In

1 kg Bottle
500 gm Bottle
40 gm Sachet
2 kg Refill Super Saver Pouch
how to use
how to use

suitable for

Regular wear
Kids wear
Office wear

THE #JoyOfUsing EZEE

Winter is here! Remember even premium powder detergents are harsh on your winter wear! It’s time to go easy on them. Try Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent that gently cleans and softens your woolens from within, making your clothes look as good as new always.

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Know Your Woolens

Ezee since 1983
  • Thank You Ezee!
    I use Ezee liquid detergent to wash all delicate fabrics like winter clothes, chiffon, silks and soft baby woolens. It does not contain soda like other detergents do. It gently removes the dirt marks from the clothes and make them shiny. My clothes always look new and now I never worry about my clothes looking old after washing!
  • The best detergent to wash your sweaters or any delicate fabrics
    Be it sweaters, silk or any other delicate material, Ezee actually suits all. The fragrance is also pleasant.
  • Ezee is a liquid detergent with in-built conditioner
    Ezee liquid detergent is specially made for winter wear. It is a detergent cum conditioner which cleans clothes and make them soft and shiny. I am so happy with the product, that I use it for washing all my other delicate fabrics as well. Even the most expensive powder detergents are not as gentle as Ezee.