How to take care of various types of stains (baby stains, kitchen stains, beauty stains etc)?

by Godrej Ezee 31.10.2017
How to take care of various types of stains (baby stains, kitchen stains, beauty stains etc)?

Stains can be a headache and a lot of effort is required to remove them. Know about the different types of stains and the different ways to get rid of them.
We at Godrej Ezee understand that stains can really be a pain and more so with your winter wears. Let’s accept that we all get stains on our clothes, kids while playing, and adults; sometimes in kitchen and at other times while enjoying your favorite burger, pasta or that spicy curry.

Then starts the struggle to clean and remove the stains. Sometimes you succeed, but most of the times your favorite soft, cozy and warm woolens just don’t remain the same after the torture of the stain removal.

One thing almost everyone forgets is that different types of stains require different treatment based on the fabric and the stain.

Here are few of the most common stains and how to treat these while maintaining your winter wears the Ezee way:

Butter or Sauces stains: First of all gently scrap the surface of the stain with a knife or spoon to remove any excess oil and greasy marks. Soak a lint-free cloth in white spirit and gently pat on the stained area.

Fruit or Fruit juice stains: Rinse the cloth in cold water to dilute the stain the dab the stained surface immediately with a lint-free cloth soaked in a mix of rubbing alcohol and water (in 3:1 ratio)

Tomato ketchup stains: If possible, rinse the cloth immediately under running cold water. Soak the garment in warm water and gently dab with a sponge coated with dishwashing soap.

Lipstick or make-up stains: Put the garment, stained side down on a white paper towel. Dab the back side of the stain with mild dishwashing liquid and let it set for 10 minutes and then gently rub the satin from outside edges inward.

All that you need is a little effort and Godrej Ezee to keep your woolens happy and maintain the shine and bright you bought these with.

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Disclaimer : Please follow all the washing instructions on the garment label and washing machine manual