by Godrej Ezee 21.02.2018

After we have endured a spell of the dry and chilly winter season, the spring arrives with all its colours and pleasantness. You can feel it as the day starts getting longer and you no longer need your winter wear as much.

The winter clothes have protected you from the bone-chilling winter. Once the winter season is done, all the woolens go back into storage. Packing and storing the woolens the right way until the next winter season arrives is an important practice. Doing this correctly ensures that the woolens will stay damage free and you can wear them in the next season, as good as new.

Here are some tips on how to pack off your woolens and store them in the correct manner.

1) Wash your woolen wears in Godrej Ezee before packing them off. This freshens them up and also ensures that no smells and germs are trapped.

2) Fold your woolen wears instead of hanging them. The hanging might result in them becoming irreparably out of shape. This is true for all kinds of jackets and coats also.

3) Keeping your non delicate winter wears such as woolen sweaters or sweatshirts in a plastic storage bag is acceptable. Just ensure that the bin bag does not become too tight as these clothes require breathing space.

4) For delicate winter wears such as cashmere sweaters, a cotton or canvas material bag will be preferable. Make sure you fold the sweaters neatly and place an acid free tissue between them.

5) Moth balls can be used to prevent damage to the woolens while they are stored in the off season. Neem leaves can also be used for this purpose.

The steps mentioned above will ensure your winter wear will be as good as new to be worn in the next season.

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