Winterwear in style for men and women

by Godrej Ezee
Winterwear in style for men and women

Winter clothes can be of different styles in different seasons. Some of the woolenwear in fashion this season are the follows-

White sweater
A white sweater is a classic. It is gender neutral and can be wore by men and women both.
Combined with- A white sweater will go great with blue of black jeans.

Black Sweater
Another classic for the winter, a black sweater can be wore by a person of the either gender on any occasion.
Combined with- A black sweater will go great with a pair of light coloured blue jeans or white jeans.

Turtle neck Sweater
A turtle neck sweater is one of those styles which will probably always be in style. Turtle neck sweaters for both men and women are considered classy and can be wore as formals or informals.
Combined with – A turtle neck sweater can go well along with formals like a shirt and trousers or informals like a tee and high boots.

Woolen coat
A great fit for formal or informal occasions, a woolen coat can be wore to an official meeting as well as a casual outing.
Combined with- Either formals or casuals

Cardigans are stylish woolen wear for women. Great for informal outings, cardigans are comfortable and alleviate a woman’s style.
Combined with- Cardigans can be wore over a tee and jeans.

Hoodies are in style for both men and women. The perfect accompaniment for you on a cold day, hoodies add that extra protection covering your ears.
Combined with- Hoodies are best with casuals.



Know about the different types of winter wear and how to take proper care of those.
Every season has specific colours associated with it. Yellow and pastel shades go with summer and spring, while darker colours such as blue and olive green seem to suit winters better. But did you know you can mix and match colours irrespective of the season?