Winter, made fun with Ezee

by Godrej Ezee 31.10.2017
Winter, made fun with Ezee

Holidays, the best time of the year. Who does not wait for breaks that provide a necessary relief from the monotony of the daily routine?

Last year Shreya had an unforgettable experience on her much awaited family trip to Shimla.She still carries those fond memories of the beauty that awaited them at every step of the exhilarating journey.Caught up in her work and the continuous hustle & bustle of life, she desperately yearns for a break. A break, which will allow her to relax and catch a breath of fresh air.

On a cold and dull Monday morning, Shreya is getting ready to start off another usual long day at office. Winter has just started to settle in Delhi and winter clothes the winter wear have started to make an appearance out of the wardrobes. Among the winter wear is a pink sweater which catches her attention and all those happy memories come flooding back in. A happy smile spreads across her face as she recalls last year’s Shimla trip.

Her mood has taken a turn for the good as she puts on the sweater for the first time in a year.The beautifully maintained shine and the soft comfort of the fabric has certainly uplifted her spirit and given her positive energy to spend the time before her next getaway.

Memories can be present in the smallest of the things such as Shreya’s striped sweater, which Godrej Ezeeliquid detergent helped in maintaining as new and fresh as it was last year.

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