Want to wash your woollens in the washing machine? Here’s how to do it right

by Godrej Ezee 3.01.2019
Want to wash your woollens in the washing machine? Here’s how to do it right

Wool is a delicate fibre with excellent absorption properties. This means it is prone to shrinking or changing consistency if treated too harshly. Here are some tips to protect your woollens against damage due to incorrect washing practices and keep them soft and shining.

Regulate washing frequency : Wool is made of natural, self-regulating fibres and doesn’t need washing as frequently as other fabrics. To maintain your woollens, spot-clean stains wherever possible – gently blot them instead of rubbing. You must also air woollen garments after wearing them.

Wash darks and lights separately : Your woollens need more attention while being washed as it can be particularly difficult to remove colour stains from natural fibre fabrics. Wash your dark garments separately from lighter ones.

Use a gentle detergent : It is preferable to use a detergent that is designed specifically for wool. A good practice is to dissolve powered detergent in a little water before adding it to the machine, as this helps prevent damage to the fabric. Godrej Ezee is a gentle detergent designed to keep woollens looking fresh, even after multiple washes in the machine wash.

Soak in cold water before washing : A major reason why woollens lose their softness is the agitation caused during a machine wash. Soaking the garment in cold water minimises the likelihood of this, and prevents damage to woollen fibres. So remember to soak your woollen garments in cold water before putting them in the washing machine.

Always use a cold water cycle : Warm and hot water can cause wool to shrink. So always opt for cold water when washing woollen garments in the machine.

Minimise agitation in the machine : Most machines these days induce a lot of agitation, which can cause natural fibres to shrink. Make sure to choose the ‘gentle’ setting on your machine and don’t overload it.

Always check the wash care label on your garment and follow these steps according to your machine type. Unless the label says machine wash, do not wash it in washing machine:

* For fully automatic machines, add detergent to the tray and not directly to the drum

* For semi-automatic machines, fill up the machine with cold water and detergent as per the requirement before adding your woollens

* Let the clothes soak in the water and then continue by agitating very gently

* Drain the water and rinse with clean water twice, with little or no agitation

* Instead of putting the clothes in for a spin, squeeze out excess water gently into the drum

* Rather than using powder detergent, use a gentle liquid detergent like Godrej Ezee. This will ensure your clothes don’t get stained, and the pH-neutral formula will ensure your clothes retain their colour and shape

A bonus tip for washing your woollens is to use a liquid detergent with in-built conditioner to keep the fibres intact and prevent any damage. Godrej Ezee is your best option – it is a gentle liquid detergent with an inbuilt fabric conditioner that takes care of your delicate clothes and keeps them soft and cosy for use time and again.

Godrej Ezee has no soda and is pH-neutral, so it cleans your clothes from within and keeps them looking as good as new for years!

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