Teaching your child empathy is a need of the hour

by Godrej Ezee 3.01.2019
Teaching your child empathy is a need of the hour

1. It reduces bullying : We are seeing increasing cases of harassment despite the presence of anti-bullying laws. If a child can empathise with others, it will help them understand the effect bullying can have. Being emotional and caring towards everyone will prevent them from being influenced by bullies and also encourage them to stand up for those who may face it.

2. It encourages tolerance : Being able to understand (or even trying to understand) why someone did what they did in the heat of the moment makes it possible to forgive them for the same. By doing this, a child learns tolerance, which is a very important trait. In the long run, tolerance makes children grow into patient adults who are destined for success – because they would be emotionally equipped to cope with every situation life throws up.

3. It instils goodwill : When a child learns the importance of caring, he or she will be able to express the sentiment in due time, through their actions. In showing that they care, they instil goodwill among those around them, and there’s a high chance of it being reciprocated. This would surely lead to a more positive environment and an overall betterment of society.

4. It promotes environmental awareness : A major problem we face today is the destruction of natural habitats. This is leading to a lack of fresh air and other associated issues. Teaching a kid to plant trees rather than cutting them down and sensitising them towards nature can help to make a better and greener world for every living creature.

5. It benefits the underprivileged : Over time, it will become easy for a child to empathise with people they know and see every day. But to develop a better society, children need to learn to empathise even with those who are not in their social circles – such as the underprivileged. They can do this by sharing leftover food instead of throwing it in the trash, or donating clothes (especially woollens) that they have outgrown. With winter around the corner, many don’t have adequate warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold.



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