Packing tips for travelling with bulky winter clothes

by Godrej Ezee 3.01.2019
Packing tips for travelling with bulky winter clothes

Going on winter vacation? We feel you! With the limited baggage allowance available on most airlines and winter clothes being as heavy and bulky as they are, it can be difficult to carry enough clothes to get you through a week. But pack smart and you should be all right.

How? Permit us to demystify the secret of packing winterwear and give you some packing tips for travelling with cumbersome winter clothes.

1. Wear your bulkiest clothes on the flight : No matter how good a packer you are, you’ll never be able to fit that fleece jacket into your suitcase without compromising on space for other clothes. If you have space constraints, we recommend you wear any bulky pieces of clothing – such as your winter coat, woollen scarf, gloves, sweaters, and boots – as this will decrease the weight in your bag. At the same time, you can use the coat as a comfortable pillow during the flight, or simply dump it in the overhead compartment.

2. Don’t pack outfits; pack singles : If you start packing matching outfits, you will end up carrying a lot more clothes than if you pack separates. The latter will effectively enhance your baggage allowance. So ditch the ensembles and pack a variety of tops, tights, and skirts that you can mix and match easily. Wardrobe staples of neutral colours are especially easy to find matches for.

3. Do the laundry regularly : Instead of packing a new set of clothes for each day, get your laundry done from time to time to keep your luggage in check. So you never need be short of something fresh to wear. Winter clothes need an appropriate detergent to keep them looking and feeling good as new. Godrej Ezee is a liquid detergent that does the job. It even comes in convenient sachets to use on-the-go, and cleans your clothes from within. It also has an inbuilt micro-conditioner that enhances the cleaning process by conditioning every thread of the fabric, thereby making your woollens soft, fluffy, and comfortable.

4. Roll, don’t fold : If you want to reduce the bulk and maximise the space in your suitcase, roll your clothes tightly instead of folding them. To save even more space, layer small items of clothing on bigger ones, and fold them together. Experts also advise you to roll your socks and innerwear into little balls – this way you can identify clean ones easily and also save space.

5. Invest in space-saving bags : Space-saving bags suck out every bit of excess air from your clothes, compressing them as much as possible and saving you a lot of room in the bargain. You’ll get them from lots of different brands online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

6. Ditch the pants : Pants take up the most amount of space and can make your luggage bulkier. So, instead of packing five pairs of pants, take along two in neutral colours like blue or black. You can wear them with a number of coloured tops, and launder them from time to time so you look great all through your vacation.

Now that you know these tips, start packing your bags and head out to see the world!

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