Know Your Woolens

by Godrej Ezee 31.10.2017
Know Your Woolens

Purchasing winter wear is an investment for many of us and for good reason, as quality woolen fabrics are expensive. We definitely wish for them to last long and maintain their new quality… but do we know how? With each wash you notice the shine of the woolen fabric fading. It doesn’t have that new quality about it anymore.

Ezee understands that maintaining the quality of your woolen fabric require extra care and knowledge. The new Godrej Ezee - the pH-neutral liquid detergent with a 'Zero Soda' formula gently washes your winter wears. It has an in-built fabric conditioner system that keeps your woolens soft, fluffy and - NEW with each and every wash.

There are a variety of woolen fabrics in the market today. Here are some main types and specifications for their care to help you maintain winter care with ease:
Cashmere:This is one of the widely known as well as the most expensive woolen fabric in the market today. It’s among the finest woolen fabric made from the fleece of the Kashmir goat, and is often used for shawls, scarves, like pashminas, as well as coats.
Care: hand wash & avoid ironing.

Alpaca:These types of woolen fabric are created by mixing sheep’s wool with other blends of fiber. It has a very soft and lustrous finish and used for coats and suits.
Care:dry clean and cool iron.

Mohair:It is a heavy weight weave fabric that is mixed with sheep’s wool. Mostly used for making coats, the fabric has a fluffy and hairy texture to it.
Care:hand wash, cool iron on the wrong side with a dry cloth and a damp cloth next to the iron.

Jersey: Mostly used for casual clothes or children’s wear, it is a light weight stretchy wool fabric.
Care: hand wash and avoid ironing

Tweed: It is a thick, woven woolen fabric, associated with Scotland and Ireland and very durable. Tweet is mostly used for skirts and dresses.
Care: hand wash and warm iron on wrong side using a damp cloth.

Felt: Such type of fabric is produced by matting and pressing wool or wool polyester mix fibers together. These are used for hats or woolen slippers.
Care: Hand wash avoid ironing

Tartan: Synonymous in the use for kilts, skirts, coats, dresses as well as trousers, tartan fabric are checked weave that are medium to light weight.
Care: dry clean and warm iron on wrong side.


Know how to wash the woolens and more importantly how often to wash them.
Find out which winterear are in style this season!