How to keep your winter wear just like new

by Godrej Ezee 01.02.2018
How to keep your winter wear just like new

Look at your wardrobe staples, and what do you see? Your favourite priced possessions of clothing in various fabrics including cotton, silk, and for the cold winter season, garments in fluffy wool. Now, this is where you pause and think more closely about the care you put in maintaining these clothes, which determines the life of your garments.

Here’s how you can maintain the look of your winter wear season after season.

Say hello to the winter specialist

Unlike cotton, wool being obtained from animals, is made up of fibre which contains proteins. Detergents, however expensive, can be harsh on these garments owing to their soda content which corrode this protein and over time and reduce their longevity. There is no one better than Godrej Ezee to understand the special care that winter wear needs. With its unique no-soda, pH neutral formula, your clothes get gently cleansed without any damage to delicate fibres, leaving them looking as good as new with every wash.

What’s more, this liquid detergent has an in-built Micro Conditioner that enhances the cleaning process. It gently conditions each and every strand of wool in the garment, leaving them soft and fluffy, even after extensive use. Top that up with Godrej Ezee’s mild fragrance, and you know that your clothes will thank you for the care and attention!

Here’s a quick look at the phases in a cleaning process that promises care:


  • Sorting – The all-important first step, this is where you should carefully segregate and sort your delicate clothes and woollens so that they can be washed separately from regular and/ or cotton garments.
  • Soaking – Remember never to over soak your garments. A brief 10 to 15 minutes of soaking time suffices.
  • Rubbing and rinsing – Do try to avoid vigorously rubbing your woollens. If you absolutely must, as in the case with children’s garments that may have stubborn stains, do take care to be gentle. To finish, gently rinse the garment.
  • Drying – To infuse life into just-washed garments, spread them on the floor on a sheet to air dry, and do not hang them out on a line. Ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Storing – Do invest in sturdy garment storage bags, or use suitcases lined with naphthalene balls to keep away the damp and pests. This ensures that the clothes stay fresh, and retain their new look.

Following these steps along with a woollen specialist liquid detergent like Godrej Ezee will keep garments as good as new, thus allowing you to use them just as long as you wish to.

This season, make Godrej Ezee the smart choice for your family and say goodbye to winter wear blues. After all, aisa lagna chahiye, #SweaterAajHiKhareedaHai!


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