How to amp up your wardrobe for the winter

by Godrej Ezee 07.11.2018
How to amp up your wardrobe for the winter

Don’t we all love winter? It’s the time to bring out your Ugg boots, fancy mufflers, and those cute little woolen dresses! But winter is also a time to bundle up against the cold, and that can dampen your style. So amp up your wardrobe with these winter essentials – they will not only keep you warm but also let you make a fashion statement.

Bottoms up
Get yourself some comfortable – not too high-heeled – leather boots. Getting a colour to match every dress can be an expensive proposition, so get a couple of pairs in neutral colours. Tan goes well with everything from white fur to red cardigan (surely your favourite?) but if you are the turquoise type get shiny black polished leather instead. If you have sensitive skin, look for fleece-lined soft boots.

Steppin’ out
Boots need stockings; if you like wearing short dresses, get a pair or two or three of cashmere stockings. These are a must-have for your new winter wardrobe, so get them in colours that match your dress. If you’re on a tight budget, go the way of the boots and get a few neutral colours such as white, black, and tan that go well with almost all colours. This way you can have a free hand – or do we mean foot?

Trousers galore
A pair of smart-looking trousers is just the thing you need to ace that first-thing-in-the-morning presentation. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colours – plain black, checked, mauve, or navy cashmere – so take your pick.

Woolen top
A woolen top to protect you from the cold is a must. Go for a turtleneck a.k.a. roll-top to protect your neck and throat too – it will be just the thing to match those trousers you just got. Opt for vibrant colours like yellow, fiery orange, and red that show off your winter spirit.

Jacket up
Give yourself an extra layer of cover with a cashmere or merino jacket. Suede mixed with wool is great for a casual look. Merino or cashmere works well for business, and if you want to pull an all-nighter on New Year’s Eve, go for a fluffy angora coat. White, black, and tan work best as far as coats go, though there are hundreds of shades in between.

Scarf or stole
If turtlenecks are not really you, get a printed woolen scarf – or a stole, depending on what you usually wear. Scarves and stoles not only keep your neck protected as you zip along on your bike but are also a great head cover as you roll down the car window to feel the wind on your face. Match them with a casual tee or a dress to get the best look.

Top it up
While stoles and scarves are great, if you are the delicate type who’s affected by the slightest change in the weather, you might want to invest in a knitted cap or hat. Or get a hooded cape to keep your head and ears covered when you are outdoors. Once again, look for bright colours that offset your skin tone and blend in well with the rest of your outfit.

As nice and cosy as it may sound, woolens are easy to buy but hard to maintain. One wrong step can ruin your favourite winterwear, so handle them carefully, especially when washing. Use a detergent made especially for woolens, such as Godrej Ezee. This will let you take good care of your clothes without any extra effort and keep them looking as good as new!


Amp up your wardrobe with these winter essentials – they will not only keep you warm but also let you make a fashion statement.
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