How often should the woolens be washed

by Godrej Ezee 21.02.2018
How often should the woolens be washed

Winters are fun! You get to wear your favorite woolens. The cozy feeling of the soft and fluffy fabric is second to none. The vibrant colors and shine of the woolen sweaters add glamour to your warm and comforting clothes.

Your winter wears are special and hence you know there is always a need of special care for these. That brings us to the questions like; how to wash the woolens and more importantly, How often to wash them?

Wool is delicate fabric which contains proteins and fibers which give it the softness, shine and make it fluffy. That makes the washing duration, process and the detergents all the more important.

Always avoid washing your woolens after every wear as long as there are no stains.

Woolen sweaters can be washed once or twice a month depending upon the frequency of use.

Woolen Hats, Gloves, and Scarves:

It’s recommended to wash these often ignored accessories five to seven times during the season. Hats & Scarves can easily get dirty with facial oil, make-up or perfume spray, Gloves can accommodate germs and hence important to be washed more regularly than other woolens.

Woolen Coats and Jackets:

Woolen coats and jackets are recommended to be washed at the beginning and the end of the season. Be careful to avoid any spills or direct perfume spray on the woolens. Over washing the jackets or coats can lose their shine and shape.

On every wash of your precious woolens, use Godrej Ezee liquid detergent. Its no soda formula and micro conditioner keeps your winter wear as good as new always.

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