How can your woolenwear last long

by Godrej Ezee 06.01.2020
How can your woolenwear last long

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Winter also means you can get out your stylish woolen clothes, sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans, from your wardrobe and feel good.

But, also, unlike your regular clothes, you have to take some extra care of your woolenwear. Here are a few tips by which you will be able to take good care of your woolens-

Always read the label for wash
Not all woolens can be washed in the same way. Your sweater could be only for handwash and that means putting it in a washing machine will destroy the fabric. So always read and be careful.

Choose your detergent wisely
The detergent used for washing your woolens matter a lot. Your sweaters constitute of wool material, which is delicate. So the detergent used also has to be delicate. That is why Godrej Ezee with its special wool care and gentle cleansing is the best detergent to use for washing your winterwear.

Dry the woolens carefully
The woolen fabric will have to be dried very carefully after washing. Preferably do not dry your sweater in the washing machine dryer. Hang it out in the sun to be dried naturally and that way the woolen fabric will be good and intact.

Fold the sweaters carefully
Folding the sweaters carefully is a very important part of taking care of your woolens. Folding properly doesn’t allow any creases on the sweater which protects the woolen fabric.

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