Did you know these amazing facts about wool?

by Godrej Ezee 3.01.2019
Did you know these amazing facts about wool?

Wool is one of the most dependable and fashionable winter fabrics and one that is popular around the world. From light cashmere to heavy woollen coats, it is practically indispensable in the coldest regions on earth. That aside, wool’s soft and warm texture makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear. But are you aware of these interesting facts about wool? Let’s take a look.

1. Wool is moisture-resistant : Woollens are hygroscopic, or water-resistant. They can soak up to nearly 30 per cent their weight of water without causing dampness. This unique behaviour is due to the natural alignment of woollen strands. They enmesh with each other to form capsules of spaces within themselves. These spaces first soak up and hold the initial water droplets, thereby not wetting the garment. Once the spaces are all used up, the fabric begins to soak in the water. It takes more water than usual to wet woollen materials. The natural entrapments help wool remain water-resistant.

2. It doesn’t catch fire easily : Wool’s ability to entrap moisture makes it fire-resistant. If thrown into fire, it does not burn for long. In fact, if anyone catches fire, a woollen rug is thrown over them to douse it. Once the fire is extinguished some charring occurs, or if the wool catches fire, it is self-extinguished. Some moisture is always retained in every strand of wool, making it resistant to fire.

3. It offers protection from UV rays : This natural yarn is bestowed with UV protection properties. Wool absorbs UV radiation from the sun, not allowing them to penetrate the skin. However, exposing your woollen clothes to UV rays for long periods is not advised as it could affect the chemical bonds that constitute the fibre, resulting in dullness, gradual degradation, and fading.

4. It’s resistant to stains : Wool has a slippery surface that does not allow any liquid to be absorbed into it immediately. If there is any spillage of coloured liquid on wool, it rolls off the surface, avoiding deep stains.

5. It keeps you cool during summer : Wool is a breathable fabric and can be worn in all weather conditions. In winter it keeps you warm owing to its natural insulating property. During summers it can dissipate heat from the body into the environment, thereby maintaining a suitable body temperature. During the rains, wool’s ability to entrap water and simultaneously dissipate heat allows for exposure to mild dew, drizzles, and mist.

6. It’s dye-friendly : One of the greatest qualities that make wool popular in the textile industry is that it can absorb deep-coloured dyes with minimal effort and quite naturally. Wool is therefore available in beautiful, rich colours.

7. It’s durable and easy to maintain : Wool is extremely flexible. It can be twisted to any extent without resulting in breakage, unlike cotton or silk, which undergo easy wear and tear. The waxy outer coating of wool also helps to make it durable and resistant. Wool can also stretch a great deal and return to its original size. Upon wetting, it can stretch even further.

The best part is that woollens are almost maintenance-free. All that is needed is a gentle detergent that can preserve your garment and give it a fresh look and fragrance. Harsh chemicals and bleaches are best avoided. Godrej Ezee is a mild liquid detergent that is perfectly formulated for washing woollens.

After knowing all this, don’t you feel like buying more cute woollen dresses and sweaters before winter actually begins? Well, go ahead and get all the woollens you need to show off your amazing fashion skills!

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