Colours you must wear this winter

by Godrej Ezee 03.01.2019
Colours you must wear this winter

Every season has specific colours associated with it. Yellow and pastel shades go with summer and spring, while darker colours such as blue and olive green seem to suit winters better. But did you know you can mix and match colours irrespective of the season?

At the start of every season, fashion houses create new trends in fabric, design, and colours. Here’s a sneak peek into some colours you can take from the ramp even before they’re out in your favourite boutique.

Red Pear :This deep red colour lies just this side of maroon. A simple singlet in velvet or cashmere looks elegant, classy, and bold – all at the same time. Pair it with red-based nail art, or go for reverse contrast with a silver base and a red design on your fingernails.

Poppy Yellow : A vibrant yellow that has both depth and delicateness works well for a top with matching booties. Team it with a dark pair of woollen leggings, a scarf, and a pair of smart leather boots for that perfect stylish look.

Twilight Blue : A light nebula blue, this is the colour of the sky as it peeks through the treetops. Look for this colour with its vibrant prints and designs, and match it with scarves of contrasting colours such as baby pink, maroon, mustard, or black for a very appealing ensemble.

Spicy Mustard : The hue of the evening primrose, this is the hottest trending colour of winter. This season, look for pullovers, turtlenecks, and trousers in this classy colour. Thanks to its versatility, this colour can be matched with shades of red, olive green, etc. to create great pairs.

Olive Green : An all-time favourite, this not-too-dark yet not-too-light colour gives pause to the vibrancy of winter. Shrugs in this colour will look great with a pair of black pants or leggings and a yellow top. If you’re not into shrugs, go for olive-coloured trousers and pair them with a beige woollen sweater for a warm neutral look.

Rusty Orange : Another not-too-bright colour that’s still vibrant and bold, rusty orange tops and frocks with contrasting olive trims and frills will make the fashion rounds this season. A woollen dress in this colour would look nice with a trench coat; match it with black, blue, or brown boots.

Mystic Purple : While purple can lean towards either pink or blue, in its purest form purple is just purple – a perfect blend of its base colours. The colour has great depth and works well for formal wear, but is also light enough to wear on a date or to a disco. A purple frilled top can be paired with beige trousers and light accessories for a stylish look.

Totally Teal : A perfect cross between blue and green, this is the perfect colour to wear for an early morning meeting or a late-night date. A fluffy top with a contrasting white scarf, white shirt, and matching blue boots will make up the perfect blend of formal and dressy.

Your clothes and their colours define your personality. This winter, choose the colours that describe you and your moods. And to keep them shining year after year, all you need is Godrej Ezee, a gentle liquid detergent that takes special care of your woollens.

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