Advantages of using liquid detergent over others

by Godrej Ezee 01.02.2018
Advantages of using liquid detergent over others

Right from liquid detergent to washing powders or even detergent soaps - there are a lot of options available in the market today for everyday laundry needs. But we at Godrej Ezee understand that washing woolens require extra care in order to keep them looking bright and new to retain their woolen fabric quality.

Although soap has been around for centuries and there are various washing powders in the market that claim better cleaning power, they contain synthetic chemicals that can lead to the deterioration of fabric over time and eventually ruin your woolens.

Compared to others liquid detergents are found to be much gentler for washing woolens. The new Godrej Ezee - the pH-neutral liquid detergent with a 'Zero Soda' formula gently washes your winter wears. It has in-built fabric conditioner system that keeps your woolens soft, fluffy and - NEW with each and every wash.

Following are some of the other advantages when it comes to using liquid detergent over washing powder:

  • It dissolves in water completely
  • Does not accumulate on woolen fibers
  • It is also less likely to detergent stain your clothes
  • It can be used to pretreat stains
  • It doesn't get airborne like powdered detergent
  • It is much more compact and easier to use
  • Does not clog up washing machine tray and dissolves quickly
  • Less likely to cause allergies which is important when washing children's clothes
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