Ace your winter game using these tips and tricks

by Godrej Ezee 3.01.2019
Ace your winter game using these tips and tricks

Winter is coming! If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you must be familiar with the catchphrase. While GoT is make-believe, Indian winters are not. In fact, they can get extremely cold. When the temperature drops, fashion and skincare need a bit of extra effort. So here’s how you can ace your winter game in style.

Moisturise your skin : Moisturisers suitable for summer are water-based and may not be ideal for the freezing cold. During winter, swap your water-based moisturiser with an oil-based one. Applying it once a day won’t do; carry it with you and apply it every few hours.

In winter most of us look forward to a hot bath at the end of the day, but this isn’t the best for your skin. Avoid hot scalding baths and instead, reduce the temperature to lukewarm to retain the moisture in your skin.

Don’t forget the sunscreen : The sunscreen you tossed at the back of your drawer is as important a part of your winter skincare as any other product. Use it generously in winters to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful effects.

Fight dandruff : Perhaps the biggest hair trouble that comes with winter is dandruff. To fight it, give yourself a good oil massage once in a while. It may also help to add lemon juice to the oil. To protect your hair against damage caused by cold wind, cover your head before going out.

Apart from taking care of your skin, you also need to know how to bundle up while still looking bright and stylish. Follow these wardrobe tips to keep looking sharp in the freezing cold.

Layering is key : The holy grail of winter fashion, layering is the strongest weapon in your winter styling arsenal. Wear a thin sweater over your t-shirt or top and throw on an overcoat when you head out. A woollen scarf will add some extra warmth and style.

Skinny jeans are your best friend this winter. Whatever your choice of top wear, jeans are versatile and go with most outfits.

Accessorise : Who said accessories are for sunny days? Enhance your look with warm scarves, hats, and mufflers – and watch heads turn! To keep your hands warm, you can even don a pair of leather gloves or cute woollen mittens.

Stock up on sweaters : A lovely cashmere sweater is a go-to at all times. Wear it with your skirts, jeans, pants, or formal trousers – whatever complements your look the best. Cashmere wool keeps you warm even if it is not very thick (it’s got fine fibres) and looks very elegant at the same time.

The right footwear : You don’t want to forget footwear. Look for ankle-length or over-the-knee boots. Not only do they keep you warm; they also add oodles of style to your look. Just pair them with woollen stockings or skinny jeans and amp up your winter game.

While these outfits may look really good, your woollens may lose their allure if not properly cared for. This is because they’re quite delicate and need special care. For bright and shiny clothes, use a gentle product like Godrej Ezee that keeps the fibres of your woollens intact.

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